When is Tamara, the best pet sitter in Austin, coming back to play with me?



Trust us, Tamara is: dependable, loyal, eager to please and very fond of taking walks.

– Kaylee and Fletcher


I appreciate the updates and photos she sends by text and the compassionate care she gives my fur babies.

– Samantha


Tamara is one of the best things to happen to me and my pets. I know I can depend on her to be there rain, sleet or shine, and she has been there to help me out of some last minute jams!

– Allison K.


Berger and Bella are lucky to have such a wonderful babysitter!

– Peggy Wintrich


What I loved about Moxie’s Pet Service was how I knew my fur kids were getting the attention they needed. The picture updates and general energy were awesome.

– Daina Gigliotti


Tamara is both reliable and honest in her care for my pets. I have trusted her to care for my dogs both for extended periods of time and on several occasions. My favorite part of her service, which I never requested but she happily provided, were text messages with photos of my content and happy pets. Her friendly nature makes her easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Anaka Rivera


We have used Moxie’s pet service on numerous occasions. Tamara relates very well with our pets, even the unsociable cat, Scooter. My wife and I are able to enjoy our vacations and out of town trips much better, knowing that Tamara will take good care of our pets. Tamara does a great job of keeping us informed about our pets while they are under her care.

– Mack Machacek


In the short time that I have had the privilege to know Tamara, I have found her to be a very responsible and caring person. She is truly passionate about her job and the pets adore her.

– Gay Smith, pet sitter/dog walker, Animal House Pet Service


Tamara was an awesome pet sitter for us. Not only did I arrive home to happy healthy pets, but she also straightened some of my house for me. Tamara was very reliable and thorough. I highly recommend hiring a sitter to come to your house to care for your pets, and if you decide to, then you should use Moxie’s Pet Service.

– Karmen Thompson


Tamara is an experienced, highly-skilled pet care professional. She helped me get started in my own business by showing me techniques she uses to service clients and to be prepared for unusual and crisis situations. I have been fortunate to have her take care of my own pets; and I feel comfortable recommending her to anyone.

– Robert Beals, Owner, Tailssafe Pet Care


Moxie’s Pet Service gives me great peace of mind when I have to be away from my pets. I know with 100% certainty that they are being taken care of to the utmost degree!

– Liz Osting


Tamara did a wonderful job sitting our cat Louis. We were in Europe for a week, and did not really know how to take care of Louis during our absence. After having researched a little bit online I found the pet sitter association and also Moxie’s Pet Service. Tamara came to our house for an initial visit. Right away I knew she was the person to be trusted to take care of Louis.

During our vaccation we were in touch via e-mail. When we returned home we found a service diary, and Tamara had written down what was going on with Loius on a daily basis. I find this very professional and reliable. I can highly recommend Tamara and Moxie’s Pet Service.

– Brigitte W.


I have a very sensitive, anxiety stricken dog who does not do well with change or being alone. Because of this, she is unable to stay at most kennels or dog day cares. After moving to Austin in September, I found Tamara’s service online and called immediately! Since then, I have been more than pleased with the wonderful care my dog (and even my home) receives. She goes above and beyond my expectations every day she is with Sandi. I can tell by seeing how Tamara cares for my dog that this is so much more than just a “job” for her. Sandi is now happier than ever, and I never worry about her because I know that she is in good hands. Tamara brings a much more personal and sincere aspect to her business than any other dog sitter, kennel, or dog day care I have ever been involved with. She is more than just a pet sitter for Sandi and me; she is a trustworthy friend I can count on!

– All very true – Sarah and Sandi


Tamara, I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job taking care of Annie, all my plants and everything at the house while we were on vacation. You are one in a million and I know when I leave I can leave all my worries behind as well. I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful pet sitter.

– Bobbie


Moxie’s Pet Service has cared for and babied my doxies and cats several times for me. I have no worries when I am gone, and I know that if any problems should arise, Tamara will be on the phone to me. My “girls” love being spoiled by Tamara and they look forward to their walks while I am gone. The best part is that both my doxies and cats get to stay in their own home and that is their security. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have Moxie’s Pet Service. The home security is also wonderful as I know there will be a car in the driveway at least twice a day and someone checking on my home. The great thing is also having my newspaper and mail brought in so that I don’t have to go to the trouble of having them stopped and started again. This service is worth every penny and more. Tamara is a jewel.

– Barb L.


Moxie’s Rocks! Moxie’s Pet Service bailed me out when I needed last minute dog sitting. Not only was Tamara able to respond to a very short notice request, her services were excellent. My two border collies were very well cared for and my house was nicely looked after – perfect! I’ve used Moxies Pet Service for all of my dog sitting needs ever since and am completely satisfied. Most importantly – Sandibi and Kairo are happy and well cared for when I’m out of town.

– Dan B.


Moxie’s Pet Service has been a God-send for our family. In addition to having a ‘special needs’ lab that requires insulin shots at specific times in the morning and evenings as well as special meals, we have another young lab that is high energy. Regular walks are critical to their well-being, and our peace of mind.

Tamara has been an unbelievable help. Not only has she provided regular walks on certain days of the week, but she helps us out on nights when we have to work late or have social functions that would interfere with the shot schedule our diabetic dog must adhere to.

We were always very uncomfortable at the thought of a relative stranger having access to our home while we were not there. Once we saw what good care Tamara gave our dogs and established that level of trust, we felt comfortable having her do week-long overnight stays in our home.

Now she’s like a member of our family. Our younger dog was so high energy that we would dread walking him ourselves. He was a very good dog, but needed some training that we did not have time to commit to ourselves. In order to make our lives easier with him (and to better help her other clients’ pets), Tamara agreed to complete a basic training class as well as an AKC Good Citizen training course with him at night. The training greatly impacted his behavior in the house, with guests, and, of course, on his walks.

She has even gone above and beyond for us when we were in a pinch and immediately needed someone to be at the house due to an emergency. Her role has grown far beyond two weekly walks–which is a testament to how much we trust Tamara with our pets and our home.

We have tried many kennels and pet services of all prices. The difference is that Tamara gives direct attention to our dogs and truly cares about them *almost* as much as we do.

– Andrea S.