Moxie’s Pet Service provides personalized, loving, in-home pet care, while owners are away. Whether you go on vacation, a business trip, need a midday visit to walk, a feed and cuddle visit, and/or medicate your pet, Moxie’s Pet Service will be there when you call.

The best method for making reservations is online

It is best to plan at least one week in advance in order to obtain services on the dates you desire.

Its best to schedule your Holiday Service early

Holidays are considered: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

New clients must complete an initial consultation

An in-home interview is required, prior to reservations, for all new clients. While we can tentatively pencil in your dates we must meet you and your pets and access your needs before we make a commitment to providing your pets’ care.

During this initial meeting we will:

  • Review your completed forms and signed agreements. Please have all forms completed for this initial visit — you can download the forms here.
  • Collect new clients’ fees. Please note, we have waived the late reservation fee.  We have found, though, that it helps to have at least a 3 day notice for new clients requesting an initial consultation and service.   Please understand that a MOXIE job requires some preparation on our part.  We appreciate your understanding.

Early returns will still be charged

Reservations are made to plan the sitter’s availability to clients. If a client returns home early, the client will be required to partially pay for the remaining reserved amount of time scheduled. Please see our Austin pet sitting Rates Page for the current fee schedule.

Duration of most visits is 30 minutes

In general, all visits will be approximately 30 minutes, occasionally a bit more or a bit less time, depending on pets’ personalized needs, or if any additional services are requested and our availability permits. Every attempt will be made to give your pet the care and attention required each visit. However, if the number of your pets and list of chores exceeds 30 minutes, please expect to be charged a small fee. (See our Rates Page for details).

We take your home’s security seriously

Please notify Moxie’s Pet Service if others (maids, friends, family members, etc.) will have access to your home during your absence. It is understood that the client will notify anyone with access to the home that Moxie’s Pet Service services’ have been engaged. The police will be called on all intruders or suspicious acts without exception.

Moxie’s Pet Service, company owner, or successors and heirs are not liable and are completely indemnified for any and all liability stemming from the act(s) or failure to act of third parties, whether known or unknown, including but not limited to, friends, neighbors, relatives or other service persons, that shall enter your residence for any purpose while Moxie’s Pet Service is caring for your pets. You will find more information on this topic within your Service Contract.

Everyone has emergencies

Feel free to call if an unexpected need arises; while we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs, availability on short notice is dependent on our current schedule. Moxie’s Pet Service networks with other Austin pet sitting professionals for this reason and if we can’t fulfill your emergency pet care needs we will try to help you. In most cases, we will contact a competent professional pet care provider who can. We will provide “the designated contact” a copy of your emergency contact form with a daily log in the event we have an unexpected accident or illness. Please be sure this information is current. We will ensure that the designated contact has access to your home so your pets’ care continues uninterrupted.

Our service area is limited

We work within a 10 mile radius around our Austin office. We do make exceptions, occasionally. We are here to help, and if we can help you, we will. Depending on the desired destination that is in question, there will be an additional $1.00/mile added to your bill for additional travel outside 10 miles/visit. Please see our service area page for further details.