Getting Ready For Spring Break–Austin Pet Sitting Service Offers Some Help

After months of being stuck inside during the cold winter, millions of people will pack up their bathing suits and sunscreen to revel in the week long tradition of Spring Break. While you’re off having the time of your life, it’s important to make sure your pets are having just as much fun. Moxie's Pet Service, South Austin's provider of professional pet sitting and dog walking services, is devoted to the safety and comfort of pets.  Austin Pet Sitting provider, Tamara Dailey, has provided the following tips to keep your pets safe and happy this Spring Break. Home Alone It is never alright to leave your pet home alone while you are on vacation without someone to care for them. Making sure the house is at the proper temperature and leaving extra food and water out is not the only answer. There are a countless number of things that can go wrong under this scenario – all of which will make for a very stress-filled vacation. Find a Reliable Sitter While friends and family members can certainly be trustworthy, pet sitting isn't their profession and chances are they won’t put as much effort into the care that you’d like or immediately know what to do in case of an emergency. You should look for someone who considers this a business opportunity, not a favor. Look for a professional sitter, such as Moxie's Pet Service, a local Austin Pet Sitting company, who can provide references and is fully certified and insured. Meet-and-Greet Before you leave on vacation, make sure to meet with the sitter so you can introduce them to your pets and see how everyone interacts. The visit also gives you a chance to familiarize the sitter with your home [...]

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Moxie’s Holiday Top 3 Pet Safety Tips

visit  our facebook page and take the survey…Do you have a costume for your pet? [/caption] As we prepare for all the festivities, pet owners must consider holiday pet safety tips A pet’s well-being and safety can be compromised with holiday changes such as festive plants, lighting, and more. So how exactly can a pet owner best prepare for the holidays?  Here are my TOP 3 (out of 10) common-sense tips you can incorporate into your holiday plans to ensure your pets stay safe:  To help you out, we’ve done a lot of homework and added some suggestions… […]

Austin Pet Sitter Adding More MOXIE

In order to grow our exceptional Austin Pet Sitting services, we have added two new teammates to our Moxie family Your pets have always been our first priority and now we aim to excel in our customer service     Monica Rodriguez is now taking care of our accounting and administrative services.  Monica Graduated from the University of Nebraska where she studied Management and Business as well as Spanish.  Now, she is a local Austinite and helps keep our books and emails up to date.  We love her MOXIE attitude and attention to detail.  Please add her email:  info@moxiespetservice.com to your contacts to receive her communication on Moxie's behalf. In her free time, Monica enjoys playing beach volleyball, cross training, and volunteering for pet rescue benefits.  She loves Downtown Austin, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens and her iphone!     Michelle Grazier has been faithfully helping Moxie's Pet Service for many years.  This year we welcome her as our full time pet sitter and canine exerciser.   Michelle's fitness background is a MOXIE bonus.  She is spunky and we refer to her as our "secret weapon" for the hyper-active dogs and puppies who need some EXTRA exercise. When she is not pet sitting with us, Michelle is serving her Country in the Air Force Reserve.  She has already done one tour in Afghanistan and faithfully and continuously devotes one weekend a month to the Air Force.  Michelle loves to paint and read.  She is an excellent salsa dancer.  And she is the mother of a one year old Yorkiepoo named Gabby.