face it: our pets are basically fur children
. We love them, photograph them and spoil them as only doting parents could. However, no matter how many outfits they have in their wardrobe, they remain members of the animal kingdom, and that creates some unique considerations for your home. And when your pets are healthy, there’s a good chance your home will be, too.

So, do these three things to keep your home and your pets in tip-top shape:

1. Keep Nails Trimmed 

Long pet nails are basically the arch-nemesis of a pristine home. But scratched floors and torn furniture are only half of the problem. Nails left untrimmed also pose serious health risks to your pet, including painful breaks that expose the sensitive inner tissue and damage to the foot and ankle joints. Maintain a regular pet-pedi schedule for their sake and the sake of your home’s resale value.

2. Contain Garbage

If you’ve ever come home to a trash can crime scene, you know it’s just the worst. Not only because of the mess a scavenge-happy pet can create, but also because of the tummy aches (or worse) that can happen after you’ve cleaned up. Protect your pet from an accidental pizza overdose and your home from anyrelated carpet stains by using trash cans with secure lids kept out of paw’s reach.

3. Fight Fleas 

Fleas don’t just spell misery for unfortunate dogs and cats. Their concerned owners often invite the problem into their homes without knowing it. Luckily, it’s possible to take preventative measures through everyday household tasks. First, vacuum your rugs frequently. Most fleas won’t survive the suction. (Dispose of vacuum bags promptly after the deed.) Second, plant some natural flea fighters in your yard to keep them away in the first place. These plants include chrysanthemumslavender and mint. Our thanks to Brightnest for these  helpful  ideas.  For more information like this, visit www.brightnest.com